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Skyburst The Firework Co. is wholeheartedly committed to raising the standard of UK firework displays.


As a team we possess 100s of years of collective experience, firing thousands of local, national and international displays.


Our tremendous expertise and above all our passion for fireworks, we take great care to guide our clients to the best display for them, large or small.
We stock a large range of fireworks and retail many of them through our shop – in Bedminster – is open throughout the year.


Our team of friendly experts are on hand to help you to choose the show to suit your event, and support you throughout the process.


With over two hundred trained firers in all areas of Britain – quite literally from Land’s End to the Shetland Islands our firers are providing safe and effective displays nationwide. Our approved training sessions are designed to combine enthusiasm with professionalism and we insist on the highest standards from our crews.

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