Firework Safety

We won’t contract a display unless we’re convinced that the firing site is suitable, and insist that a site survey is made in order that to can conduct a thorough risk assessment.

Health and Safety Guide

As a rule of thumb we look for at least 50m from audience to fireworks with an area 100m x 100m beyond the fireworks to act as a fall out area (which should be downwind). Apart from these spatial requirements it’s the weather conditions on the day which have the greatest safety implications. All our firers are trained – to national level – to be able to interpret any hazards presented by circumstances on the day and the measures which need to be taken to minimise them.

For more infomation please download our Safety Guide which gives you all the infomation needed for holding a professional and safe firework display




General Points

If you are putting on a public or large display please notify the local authority and follow their guidelines.

For details of what to do when hosting a domestic bonfire and firework display, general firework safety tips and advice and bonfire basics give us a shout – call our enquiry and safety hotline on 0800 0744636.

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