Skyburst Illuminations and The Firework Co have enjoyed a friendly and co operative relationship over the past 15 years.


Both west country based companies were created by enthusiasts and, over the years have been successful in spreading their passion for aerial firework entertainment far and wide in the most extravagant ways!


Skyburst purchased the The Firework Co. early in 2004, forming it into Skyburst The Firework Co. merging the best of both teams.


The Firework Company started out as a mail order company selling self fired packs by post, a trade which still continues.


They also developed a display operation growing to become one of the largest in Britain, 2004 saw the supply of over 400 displays nationwide, including firing some of the most prestigious contracts nationally.


Ever since the magic of black powder was discovered, in China, some two thousand years ago, man has recognise it’s almost supernatural power to amaze. Fireworks, with their intense power and ethereal beauty have been used to glorify and enhance some of mans most outstanding achievements and victories over the centuries. Modern day advances in chemistry and technology have embellished the ancient craft and the breaking down of commercial barriers has allowed this fabulously expressive medium to be appreciated at a much wider level.


Join us in our celebration of the majesty and splendour of fireworks. Skyburst The Firework Company are taking the skills and knowledge of the old world and combining it with the youthful enthusiasm and inventiveness of the new.

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