Julia Dungworth, Science Teacher (feedback on a Royal Institution lecture)

“Matthew was an entertaining presenter, explained the science very well and captivated the audience’s attention all the way through without having to resort to too many flashes or bangs – though everyone obviously appreciated those he did produce. The talk touched on many aspects of chemistry I have covered at school recently, so was very useful in that respect.”

Brian Souter

Just a short note to record our grateful thanks for you and your team’s contribution to our 25th anniversary celebrations at Ochtertyre.
Although we hit problems with the firing site, in the end we had two spectacular displays which were well synchronized with the music.
We have received many compliments from our guests attending the events and we are grateful for the part Skyburst played.

Susan Tanner, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Yet again we had another fantastic year at the fiesta with thousands turning out to see the familiar Bristol summer skyline filled with balloons.
With three impressed sponsors, it leaves one thing to say. ‘THANKYOU’ to you all at Skyburst.
Your efforts in supplying and delivering another fantastic display of fireworks to illuminate the sky played a huge part in an even bigger process.
Your staff were helpful, co-operative and most of all friendly throughout the event and were a pleasure to work with.