Firework Champions 2013 – Belvoir Castle HD

Belvoir Castle Skyburst 2013 HD

Video Description:
Skyburst spotted their opportunity at the MLE Firework Champions event to showcase what they can really do! With a variety of music and effects, Skyburst kept the audience enthralled from start to finish with huge gasps from the crowd as they created un-forgettable magical moments in the sky. Starting with Imagination from Willy Wonky, going through a serious of Dubstep and Pop tracks then ending with a very popular drum and bass song, Skyburst showed the world something which had never before been seen in the industry of Firework Displays! Spending the early years of the company perfecting their performances to classical and ‘epic’-chorale music, they decided its time to shake things up with a twist of the 21st century! Nothing is to big a challenge for Skyburst… Who are Licensed to Thrill!

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