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Make A Wish – Walton Castle – Power Rangers Party for Shreenik!

Here is a display we donated to the Make A Wish Charity at Walton Castle in Clevedon for Shreenik Power Rangers Party! Enjoy

Downend Round Table Fireworks – Main Display.

Here’s our display for the Downend Round Table Fireworks Event 2015 where we took the audience through a JubeBox Through Time themed display. Enjoy!

Downend Round Table – Childrens Display.

Here is a display we designed for the younger audiences, which  we performed 1.5 hours prior to the adults display.

Folk By The Oak

Here’s a display where we fired to Bellowheads Live Performance at Folk by the Oak 2015. The first track we classed as ‘busking with fireworks’. Due to the band changing their set list last minute, the show we had designed wouldnt fit, so we free styled!


Battle Proms 2015

Here are all the tracks we perform at the Battle Prom Concerts in one video. All fireworks are choreographed and fired to a live orchestra.


Boomtown Fair

Here is our display from Boomtown Fair 2015. This is short, high impact display we fire to mark the end of a fantastic weekend! Due to the material used, the display can be viewed anywhere from the festival.

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2015

Here is the display we fired for Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta 2015. The firing site is over 1KM from the audience, meaning the show is an all aerial, high impact large calibre display! Enjoy


Firework Champion 2015 – Broughton Hall

Here Skyburst showcase their skills at Broughton Hall for the Firework Champions 2014. Using modern technology allows us to fire and design the show digitally, hitting key punctuation throughout the music tracks giving the highest impact throughout.


Minehead Harbour 2014

Skyburst the Firework Co. Performing a Musical Firework Display on Minehead Harbour for the annual firework display in 2014. Using world leading technology, Skyburst have the ability to choreograph the firework display with exact precision creating an illusion of fireworks dancing to the music. In the modern world of fireworks, these types of displays are typically known as pyrodigital or pyromusical firework displays, and are becoming a very popular option in the industry!


Battle Proms 2014 

Here Skyburst perform their 3rd display in the JSL Battle Proms Concert Series. Firing to a live orchestra, Skyburst demonstrate how they create an illusion of fireworks dancing across the site!


Caton Hall Festival of Fireworks 2012

Skyburst The Firework Co. Performing at Catton Hall Festival Of Fireworks in 2012. By popular demand, Skyburst recreated the Dr Who Tardis which was first featured at the Southport Musical Firework Championships and was very popular with all. Overall Skyburst demonstrate how they can perform to any style of music, starting with Drum and Bass, heading into Dr Who, and finishing with an Epic Finale


Battle Proms – Burghley house

Skyburst the Firework Company performing at Burghley House for the Battle Proms in the Park. Skyburst choreographed a firework display to be performed to a live orchestra, which is done by Pyrodigital technology.


Thonbury Balloon Meet 2014 

After 25 minutes of huge hot air balloons, pulsing and flickering to the music, sudden bursts of colour and glitter filled the sky behind what already was a magnificent site to see. Once the balloons had deflated, Skyburst took their opportunity to show off what they do best. Performing with Fireworks to music! Using a Pyro digital display, this creates an illusion of fireworks dancing to the beat of the music. Hitting key punctuation throughout the track, and the right selection of effects and firing sequences, Skyburst really made the fireworks dance to the music. With a big build-up of guitar and drum solos, the fireworks got more intense ending with a huge Finale of colour filling the sky on cue with the last beat.


Battle Proms Promo

Here you can watch the Promo Video made by Lakegod Productions from Skyburst the Firework Co performing a live Pyro-digital musical firework display. The series of events happen all over the country, at some of the most prestigious sites across the country. Skyburst work very closely with the organisation of the event and live orchestra, choreographing a technical display to be performed live with the orchestra once the evening is upon us. If you would like to see the whole event with fireworks from start to finish, please go back to the gallery and select the ‘JSL Battle Proms (Ragley Hall)


Battle Proms, Full Display

Here you can view the all the parts of the Firework Performance at the JSL Battle Proms in the Park. Skyburst worked closely with the organisers to ensure all technical areas of the display fitted perfectly with the live orchestra throughout the evening.


Firework Champions – Eastnor Castle

Skyburst spotted their opportunity at the MLE Firework Champions event to showcase what they can really do! With a variety of music and effects, Skyburst kept the audience enthralled from start to finish with huge gasps from the crowd as they created un-forgettable magical moments in the sky. Starting with Imagination from Willy Wonky, going through a serious of Dubstep and Pop tracks then ending with a very popular drum and bass song, Skyburst showed the world something which had never before been seen in the industry of Firework Displays! Spending the early years of the company perfecting their performances to classical and ‘epic’-chorale music, they decided its time to shake things up with a twist of the 21st century! Nothing is to big a challenge for Skyburst… Who are Licensed to Thrill!


Caton Hall Festival of Fireworks – Dr Who back by demand!

Skyburst The Firework Co. Were invited to take part in the Festival Of Fireworks at Catton Hall in 2012. They took this moment in time to showcase to their European competitors how innovative and creative they really are! Skyburst we’re asked by the organisers to recreate the Dr Who scene ,previously performed at the UK Musical Firework Championships, making the Tardis appear from a strobing mass in the centre of the site. Then to appear on cue with the final blast of the landing sequence. A moment that will stick with people for the rest of their lives!


Festival 2013

Here is a show we fired at one of the many Music Festivals in 2012. This year (2013) we plan to have fireworks set to fire with the DJ Sets


Childrens Musical Display

A great example of one of our shows directed at the younger audience. Featuring music from Harry Potter, Shrek, Toystory and many more! Unfortunatly the start of the video is out of focus, but hold on, it does get better! 🙂


The Great Panjamdrum!

Here is an event where we re-created the Great Panjamdrum. A prototype weapon from WW2, where it would be filled with several tonns of explosives and travel up to speeds of 70mph. Unfortunately it was so unpredictable and had a high risk of injuring our own solders, this weapon was taken out of production very quickly.


Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2012

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is held annually during August in Bristol, England. Teams from the UK and other parts of the world bring their hot air balloons to the site and participate in mass ascents where as many as 100 balloons may launch at a time. The event was first held in 1979 and is now one of the largest in Europe. It is common to have crowds of over 100,000 on each of the four days of the festival. It takes place in a large country estate Ashton Court. Mass launches are made twice a day, at 6am and 6pm, subject to weather conditions. Location of Ashton Court, where Fiesta takes place One popular attraction is the night glow, when balloons are inflated and glow to music after dark. These are held on the opening Thursday night at approx 9:30pm, followed by a spectacular fireworks display. There is another night glow at the same time followed by the fireworks on the Saturday night. Some people see these as the highlight of the fiesta.


Firework Champions 2013 Belviour Castle

Firework Champions is a unique Firework Competition run in 5 locations around the UK where YOU the audience get to decide the winner. A great day out for you and the family to watch not just 1 but 4 Professionally choreographed Firework Displays. Come and watch Skyburst perform this year (2013) at Belviour Castle


The British Firework Championships 2011 Plymouth 

Another video where we competed at the Bristish Firework Championships in 2011. 7 Companies battle it out over 2 nights to show off their skills with fireworks and see who is voted the best! This year at Plymouth Skyburst placed runners up.


British Musical Firework Champions 2011

Skyburst The Firework Company Performing their amazing display at the British Musical Firework Championships 2011. Featuring the recreation of the Dr Who Tardis, of which we got invited back to ‘Catton Hall – Festival Of Fireworks’ to show to the public once again.


Taunton Race Course Digital Show

Here is a Pyro-digital display we fired at Taunton Race Course, where the client chose all the music theirself and we choreographed the fireworks to dance with the music. Hope you enjoy 🙂


 Olympic Torch Procession Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Here is a video where we performed a Day Time display on the Iconic Bristol Suspension Bridge. Coloured mines and streamers erupted from the bridge as the runner holding the torch crossed it. This was a very long rig for Skyburst, we had the bridge closed from 11pm the night before and worked through untill 6am ready for the procession to cross at 8am. Thankfully our unique equipment we constructed, designed especially for the bridge, gave us a very smooth set up leaving us plenty of time for all the last checks. Video credit must go to Joab Smith, Thanks ever so much for the time and patience with us. Really appreciated it!!


Plymouth British Firework Championship 2009

Here’s a show we fired at Plymouth in 2009, where 7 companies compete over 2 nights to showing off the best of their skills.


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