Fireworks and Funerals… Breaking the Tradition?

Back in early 2000 Skyburst The Firework Company were approached for an interesting project, to scatter the ashes of a lost love one at the wake of the funeral. With Skyburst being a team of pyro-enthusiasts, they all thought this was as splendid idea, and were happy to help with such a special service.

After testing many types/sizes of rockets, Skyburst finally found the perfect rocket which they felt would send them off in style as well as with a bang! As they deserved to be..

Skyburst didn’t want to handle the ashes without getting to know sed person they were sending off. After a little chat, over coffee, the team now knew who it was they were sending up and how great of a life they had. Skyburst team felt this was the right thing to do, to show respect to the lost loved one who was such a big part of the people around them.

Once the process is complete, and required rockets filled. Skyburst will give you the option of taking the special rockets away with you, to send off in the perfect location. But, if you wanted to watch your loved one soar high into the sky, and burst with so muchbeauty, then Skyburst would come along to perform the send-off on your behalf.

Once the word spread of the non-traditional unique celebration, Skyburst found this was becoming a very popular send off for many people across the country.

With only 1 egg cups worth of ashes required per rocket, you can choose the amount of rockets you’d like with plenty left over for any other remembrance services. Its very rare Skyburst get asked to send off a whole person, but it does happen! With such a large request, this can fill up to anywhere between 30-40 rockets.

With rockets being readily available to the public, to buy, transport and store easily, the rockets can be stored for the very special day. But Skyburst thought, why not incorporate someone so special into a fullprofessional firework display? This idea took of quickly, with requests for the largest burst possible! Skyburst have now celebrated loved lives in many high impact display, with the special person eruptingfrom large ground mines, to exploding high in the sky from a 5inch mortar shell.

All the team at Skyburst are honoured to be a part of such a special occasion. Skyburst understand the importance of the someone’s final request, and how such a situation can effect the loved ones around them. Therefor they make the service as smooth and stress free as possible.

To see how this service has affected others in the past, please read this touching story ‘We sent Mum’s ashes up in a firework’ which was recently featured in The Guardian.

If you know someone who’s last wishes are to go off with a bang, please don’t hesitate to contact Luke on 01179231368 or drop him an email

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