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Pyromusical Firework Displays

Designed to be accompanied by a specific piece of music which can be chosen by you. The display will hit key points and changes in the track. Pyromusical displays are great at getting crowds going and at Skyburst our specialist technicians can create some real magical moments.

Themed displays create a real buzz so if it’s a kids party or a James Bond evening you are hosting we can provide the icing on the cake!

Take a look at one of our Pyromusical displays from the Battle Proms in the Park or Firework Champions

What Our Clients Say About Us


“We rely on the professionalism and efficiency of our suppliers and I must say that Skyburst’s magnificent pyrotechnic display truly awed and thrilled the crowds with both the scale of fireworks and the artistry in the presentation; absolutely first class. The charities we are supporting with benefit from over £20,000 thanks to the help of your brilliant team.”
Bristol Round Table Fireworks Night
“A huge thanks and praise must be sent on to the amazing team at Skyburst the Firework Co. who bent over backwards only 2 weeks before the event. They took on the challenge of planning, designing, building and firing a finale to our nightglow and to top if all off in sync with our finale music track of which consisted of fast guitar & drum solo’s. As a firework enthusiast i was stunned with the quality of fireworks used and the professionalism shown by Alan, Luke and their team throughout. It truly created a unforgettable ending to a brilliant evening that is still being talked about over 2 weeks later! Thanks again for the Maltese style shell as the opener it made this Malteser very happy!”
Tom Gouder