• Building a Thai Rocket for Nerd TV Productions

    The First Contact 

    In the early months of 2015, Skyburst were approached by Nerd TV to recreate a Thai Rocket which had gone viral on Facebook and Youtube, for Channel 4’s new TV show ‘Experimental’. Skyburst were given 2 months to recreate the rocket, and had only this video to figure out how to do it. 

    After many views of the above video, Skyburst decided that Bamboo would be the strongest and lightest material to create the structure

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  • Skyburst Recreate Secret Weapon Designed for D-Day. The Great Panjandrum!

    All PreppedOn 5th June 2009, Skyburst recreate their version of the ‘Great Panjandrum’. Unfortunately it never made the D-Day landings, but did make a roll on part featured in Dads Army!

    These great photos and videos reveal how the Great Panjandrum, one of the most bizarre British creations, was wheeled out on this day to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings.

    The original device was packed with over

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  • 20 Interesting Facts about July 4th

    482985_114876818642805_1320215111_nThe 4th July marks the Birthday of America. In 1776, on this day, the members of the second continental congress met in Philadelphia, adopting the final draft of the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming their sovereignty from Great Britain.

    There are many ways the American people choose to celebrate this day. From BBQs and drinks, parades, festivals and even Hot Dog Eating Competitions! But the most popular it seems, is to

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  • Fireworks and Funerals… Breaking the Tradition?

    downloadBack in early 2000 Skyburst The Firework Company were approached for an interesting project, to scatter the ashes of a lost love one at the wake of the funeral.  With Skyburst being a team of pyro-enthusiasts, they all thought this was as splendid idea, and were happy to help with such a special service.

    After testing many types/sizes of rockets, Skyburst finally found the perfect rocket which they felt would

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  • Customer Feedback Survey
  • Olympic Torch Procession 2012 Firework Celebrations

    bridgeIn 2012 the people of Bristol gathered around the iconic Bristol Suspension Bridge to welcome the Olympic Torch Procession. Little did they know, Skyburst The Firework Company, had been quietly setting up a welcoming daytime firework display from 11pm the previous night.

    With the pyrotechnic display all set and rigged by 6am, Skyburst waited patiently for the Torch to reach

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  • Health and Safety with Professional Firework Displays

    Health and Safety GuideWe’ve all seen the health and safety adverts when it comes to buying your own fireworks from a shop, to then let off
    in your back garden. But what about safety when organising your own public event, of which you are having a ‘professional firework display’?

    There are over 400 firework companies in the UK currently, and

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  • Musical Fireworks Display (Pyro digital) at the Thornbury Bristol Balloon Meet April 2014

    On Friday 4th April, Thornbury welcomed hundreds of hot air balloonists to the golf club for their annual meet. The 1658443_621942811219024_1684121254_oevent was run by sponsors, giving many companies in Bristol a chance to get involved and support such a great event, raising hundreds for charity.

    Despite a turn in the weather, they still managed to get a few balloons off

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  • Latest Pyro-Digital Construction

    You may think that the beginning of the year is quiet for a firework company.

    At Skyburst, this is not the case. We’ve been spending the first three months of the year updating our hardware and firing equipment ready for the new season. Coupled with our digital firing systems, the new hardware open up a whole range of exciting possibilities. We simply can’t wait to get these out on our firing sites!

    Having the hardware and software to allow us to

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