Latest Pyro-Digital Construction

You may think that the beginning of the year is quiet for a firework company.

At Skyburst, this is not the case. We’ve been spending the first three months of the year updating our hardware and firing equipment ready for the new season. Coupled with our digital firing systems, the new hardware open up a whole range of exciting possibilities. We simply can’t wait to get these out on our firing sites!

Having the hardware and software to allow us to fire to within 100th of a second, enables us to make the fireworks dance to every beat of the music with precision. Our latest equipment additions allow us to create even more dramatic effects in the sky as we now have the capability to fire single shot fireworks as low as 20 degrees off the floor, in any formation. Whether everything is fired together, in a sequence from left to right, a V-formation, fast swipes… the possibilities are endless!