We Offer a Range of Science Lectures

Educational and corporate talks about fireworks with our resident science presenter Matthew Tosh.

A respected educator, live event presenter and science communicator, Matthew is known for his creativity and enthusiasm when talking about science and fireworks. He is also a valued crew member!

We are proud to be able to support him at conferences, science festivals and school lectures all over the UK, putting Skyburst firmly in the lead when it comes to firework science education.

The lecture or show content will vary, depending on the type of event and audience. It could be an indoor lecture on the chemistry and physics of fireworks colours, a talk to a primary school, or a full-scale outdoor lecture demonstrating aerial effects and supersonic shockwaves. Whatever the event, the content and language is expertly pitched to match the audience. Content for schools is aligned to the curriculum and ability of the students.

Primary, Secondary, Post-16, Special Needs, Gifted & Talented – we cater for them all and have a growing number of testimonials as proof.

What’s more, these aren’t just lectures. Matthew’s skill is in writing and delivering a performance that will have the audience on the edge of their seats with excitement, laughter and sheer fascination. He’ll take you on an entertaining and eye-opening journey through the world of pyrotechnics, punctuated with demonstrations of live fireworks.

The cost of the talks and lectures vary, depending on the location, size and style. Please contact us if you would like more information and to discuss your requirements.

Thinking of combining a talk and a display? No problem! Talk to us and we’ll help you plan your event.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


“He is great on stage. His shows are really well-paced, not too technical but with plenty of science. Matthew is able to engage students of a wide range of ages and abilities”
Angela McKeown, Regional Coordinator
Royal Society of Chemistry
“Matthew presented to EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children, adjusting his presentation to perfectly match the learning needs of all three age groups. All three groups were wholly attentive, engaged and excited. Matthew is an excellent presenter.”
Jill Wilson, Headteacher
The Gleddings Preparatory School
“Matthew was an entertaining presenter, explained the science very well and captivated the audience’s attention all the way through without having to resort to too many flashes or bangs – though everyone obviously appreciated those he did produce. The talk touched on many aspects of chemistry I have covered at school recently, so was very useful in that respect.”
Julia Dungworth, Science Teacher
feedback on a Royal Institution lecture
“Highly-entertaining and visually stimulating. Would recommend and book in the future.”
Michelle Francis, Director of Science
North Durham Academy